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Orlando Embroidery Services

We can work with any type of file you send us!

At Logos Promote, we are often asked whether or not an image can be embroidered onto a specified garment. Our team is proud to offer customized services and can work with virtually any file you send us. We can sew any logo or design directly onto your desired product using durable thread made of rayon or polyester.

Our team can share our embroidery samples which includes:

  • Polos
  • Caps & Hats
  • T-shirts
  • Jackets

Look Professional & Uniformed

Embroidering your company's logo onto polos looks professional and can help easily identify and enhance the look of your staff or team. In addition, if you are looking to personalize a gift for someone, we would be happy to offer our embroidery services to add a new and unique touch. To schedule a personal consultation, call us at 407-447-5646 today! Free estimates are available.

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