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Regardless of the industry that your business serves, branding will be an essential component for success when it comes to acquiring new customers and holding on to existing clients. As you work to build a brand for your company that consumers will readily recognize, you might explore the power of promotional products by Logos Promote. We offer a number of promotional products, also known as ad specialties, to help your brand become a household name that consumers will look to when they need services within your industry. Consumers love promotional products, and will generally keep these products around for at least 5 months. About 83% of consumers remember the advertiser on a promotional product, so you may have a much higher return on investment with this approach to advertising than you might with television and magazine ads.

Why Promotional Products Work

Even in the age of digital marketing, consumers will respond to tangible products that show customer appreciation. Promotional products may be given as rewards for participation in customer satisfaction surveys, VIP programs, and other promotions that can boost your business by encouraging customer loyalty. About 80% of consumers will take surveys for promotional products, meaning that you might use ad specialties to gain valuable feedback that will further grow your business.

Our Promotional Product Lines

At Logos Promote, we understand the potential impact of promotional products and the importance of customizing these products to reflect your unique branding. Below you can see some of our most popular product lines, which can affordably boost the visibility of your logo and business name.

  • MagnetsAvailable in nearly any shape or size, promotional magnets can ensure that customers always have your business information at their fingertips. From basic business card designs to notepads and 12-month calendars, we have a huge selection of customizable magnets to choose from.
  • Mugs and Travel Cups With coffee mugs donning your logo, your clients can wake up with your brand on their mind. Travel mugs can help you put your brand on-the-go and offer something that your clients will want to keep around. In fact, the average woman owns 5 promotional mugs, making them a worthwhile product investment.
  • Pens You can never have too many pens, which is why pens are a go-to promotional product for any business. Whether you choose economical colorful click pens or the sophisticated elegance of a Hancock pen, you can put your name on a product that customers will be proud to use and keep handy.

To explore everything that Logos Promote has to offer for your branding efforts, visit our website today. We work with thousands of suppliers to provide you with just the right ad specialties to suit your business.

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